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Server Name SameTeem
Server Hostname
Banner SameTeem
Users 92/512
Server Country GB
Server Version 3.13.6 [Build: 1623234157]
Server Platform Linux
Server Owner SameTeem
Favourites 0
Votes 198
Rank 3
Score 1.04
Created At 2019-09-27 15:56:02
Updated at 2022-10-01 04:55:45
Players Unknown1,Fall,Unknown,Hooty,dukey509,Void,FDP^1337,FDP^meme,FDP^M00ny,Merde,Mikey1,Hip Hop,80's,Mikey,Dance,n3LLy,Rock Radio,FDP^Olaf,Metal,Hardstyle,amirrt,Echo419,mpziu,RankBot,bochek,PiP,Jakub,Polan Ball,teamspeak,M♠1,「 FIRESIDE CHILL — NO CHAT 」,Cav,Joe Mumma,「 HYFM MUSIC 1 」,not-t10,couscous,Scummo,The Acid Man,VoteBot,Punk,Hans,#KoalaKiller,Jan,Noodle Biscuits,Player 3,frog,Friendly Jordan,NubCake,U Mungo?,Twiglet,Hermes Driver,bombom,Cosine,Alfons,Ikroth,poop,Oskar,pepe,perkele,Max1,SHAGGER,Kek,BRYBABY,Rainman,EricAFK,Rooney,tl;dr,fillE,Saka,Rapid,Pappa Smurf,TikTokMemes,Abberz1,Breadstix,1231,Julia,memelord,Mike Ashley,Styles,jrm,Tom Cruise,FuzzyKripp,xxx,Radio Swing,WelcomeBot,Baguette,Crow,#Justice4Rooney,Tobias,Ich Bin Besser,Cr4ck4,Max,Herr Freund,kurwa,Piere

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Welcome to SameTeem

We're always on TeamSpeak, feel free to join and hang out at any time, we play games, watch movies and talk.

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