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Server Name PUBLIC-Teamspeak-Channels-Polski
Server Hostname
Banner PUBLIC-Teamspeak-Channels-Polski
Users 8/64
Server Country 0
Server Version 3.13.7 [Build: 1655727713]
Server Platform Linux
Server Owner JosefausRoxel
Favourites 0
Votes 18
Rank 1
Score 16.32
Created At 2023-02-09 20:27:16
Updated at 2023-03-26 05:09:33
Players Unknown,serveradmin,Bananenbrot-Willkommen,Quellkartoffeln,Wednesday skibidi,🎵 ORF Hitradio Ö3,🎵 Antenne Münster,🎵 TOP 100 CHARTS,Bananenbrot,Erika(extra loud),,

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